Issues with the Latest Windows 10 Updates | Chilliwack, Abbotsford & Langley Computer Support

It’s been a little bit like Groundhog Day, in the Wild Frog world, this week, and we can thank the latest Windows update for that.

MicrosoftTeams-image (5).png

We noticed that we had been receiving a few calls about the exact same printer issue, and it was something that clients had not been experiencing before. Our clients were definitely not alone. It appears that many Windows 10 users have also noticed this, and a few other issues, after installing the KB4524147 update.

As often happens with many software updates (iOS ones included!), it is not happening to everyone who has been updating. Some are having 1 problem, some are having others, while others are having no problems at all! For those poor folk who had been experiencing problems, they have magically gone away once the update was uninstalled. (Smoking gun?)

The update hasn’t just messed with print spoolers. If you are receiving any of these other reported issues, then chances are that the culprit is the update:

  • The Start Menu is crashing

  • Windows 10 not booting up and just giving the repair screen

  • Printers not being available

Microsoft has released a critical serving stack update (SSU) to help, (a SSU is a component that allows you to receive and install Windows updates and has to updated regularly itself!) is and are recommending that this be installed before your attempt any further updates.  They have also released yet another patch (KB4517389) which should fix the printer issues. People are still having with the start menu, though.

If you are having Windows issues and not sure which update version you are on, or have any tech issues in general, our team will be happy to help. Just give us a call on 778-771-0184 or email