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I love network problems. Really! So, when we got a call from a customer who was experiencing slow and intermittent networking, we had to check it out. One of the problems with I.T. is that it can be so confusing. So many different products reportedly doing the same thing. Which should a business owner choose?

We found that the firewall and networking hardware used, were not 'business grade' and a few years past their operational date. Replacing the firewall and networking equipment instantly restored their connectivity, with additional benefits.

They can now separate their office network from their guests, giving greater privacy, security and overall user experience to all. And that's not all. People using the internet can now be effectively managed, reducing the problem of a single person hogging all the bandwidth while watching the latest Game Of Thrones episode on Netflix.

If you want to run your business effectively, you need good quality networking equipment. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it needs to be capable of delivering the performance you're paying your internet provider for, in a reliable manner.


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When A Client Needs Space | Chilliwack Business Tech Support & Consulting

Two months ago, one of our clients came to us, and told us they needed space. Storage space. And a lot of it. The client was installing a brand new, video surveillance system at one of their production facilities and wanted to ensure they kept a history of the video for at least two years. Napkin math, put their storage needs at nearly 1.2 PB. That is PETABYTES!

After much testing, deliberation and research, we settled on a high volume storage solution that would provide the necessary storage and through-put to be able to handle the volume of continuous data.

If you happen to get excited about servers and storage space, check out the Storinator - from It is truly an amazing unit.

More to come on this project!


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