Point-of-Sale Technologies and What to Look for when Picking Yours

cash register

We live in a consumer-based society. People spend money on goods and services every day. It makes sense, then, that the systems retailers use in order to process payments must meet stringent requirements - requirements that are often convoluted and difficult to understand. Furthermore, they can often use outdated technology that is inefficient, unreliable, and difficult to work with.

cash register

Thanks to innovations in the technology industry, point-of-sale (POS) systems have evolved from traditional cash registers to high-tech terminals capable of streamlining operations and improving accuracy.

Here are some things to consider when installing or upgrading your POS…


Any systems that are used for storing credentials or accepting payments need to be optimized for security and compliance with various privacy regulations designed to protect the identities of consumers.

Many people are now switching to cloud-based POS technology. These are larger companies, withe greater budgets to invest in security, so can provide a much greater level of data encryption, and also take the responsibility away from the retailer.


For cutting down on valuable time wasted with training, particularly in retail where staff can be seasonal, an easy-to-learn POS system is essential. It is also a bonus for lowering staff frustration and therefore aiding a happier, more-productive work environment for everyone!


Unlike traditional cash registers, POS terminals need to be maintained by skilled technicians & support resources, who understand their intricacies. A reliable POS systems, kept in tip-top shape, reduces the probability of wasteful downtime. Look at what support comes with your POS system, and how much that support will cost you. (Also, as we say many times, it never hurts to plan a back-up situation).


Traditional POS systems, like the cash register, are often prone to user error due to entering in wrong prices or mishandling cash. While these threats still exist with computerized payment systems, they aren’t nearly as difficult to handle for the average user. Many POS systems have been streamlined to buttons for individual items, and can print out profit reports at the end of the day to ensure profitability. Some are also better than others for tracking inventory, and can give staff real-time data on current inventory stocks.


Does your POS need to talk to any other software? You may want to look at how your POS can cut work replication by seeing if it can integrate with your business accounting software, an eCommerce side of your business, appointment scheduling, or for your marketing efforts like targeted email campaigns for upcoming special offers.

Say goodbye to your old cash registers for good.

Your business doesn’t have to struggle with managing your point-of-sale technology. Wild Frog Systems can equip your organization with streamlined and functional terminals that are designed to maximize efficiency and improve the user experience. For more information, contact the team at 778-771-0184.