An Update on the latest Updates! (Critical Software Updates, that is...) | Fraser Valley IT Support

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Have you got your machine running updates automatically? If the answer is yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief and carry on with your day. If not, stop what you are doing, and get on to it straight away! Updates are way more than being about adding cool new functions and tools. Their primary purpose is to protect you against the ever-changing malware landscape and its constant onslaught of attacks. Brand new attacks are being developed daily, so software developers have to be equally proactive with patches to block them.

It is patching time at Microsoft, and the latest release contain advisories and updates to take care of 94 vulnerabilities for Windows and various other products, like Explorer, Edge, Visual Studio, Active Directory and Microsoft Dynamics. 26 of these updates are being rated as critical.

2 of these are to protect against 2 new ‘wormable’, critical, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) vulnerabilities and affect all versions of Windows, including 10 and Windows Server. If left unfixed, cybercriminals could use the vulnerabilities to remotely access an unprotected computer and install malware… so this one is a bit of a get-it-patched-now kind of job!

To follow suit, Adobe has also released a group of patch updates. Theirs will take care of 119 vulnerabilities, including patches in Creative Cloud, and the very popular Acrobat and Reader. The most critical of which should block up the chance of data leakage from an arbitrary code execution.

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Is Flash dead? (The Adobe one... not the super-speedy DC Comics one!) | Chilliwack Computer Support


Whilst you may occasionally still come across a website using Flash to dazzle you, the only real time you see it, these days, is when you get to a site that uses it to run video... and too it often tells you can’t view the video unless you update your version. Of course, if you have surfed there on an Apple device, you will have seen the even bigger brick wall of “This device does not support Flash”! So, is Flash dead then? Not quite yet, but it is living on borrowed time now, so I think we can safely say that it is NOT something to consider if you are building your business a shiny new website.

Flash always had a number of drawbacks to start with, like its many security issues, the need for your viewer to have a player installed to see the content, and its ability to eat up your device’s power and memory. It was also starting to get on the nerves of prospective consumers. One expert in an interview with Marketing Sherpa compared it to taking a performer to your local supermarket and, when a customer tries to enter, having your performer stage a 2 minute show all about the shopping experience they are about to have. In today’s busy world, how many customers would stop and watch the show, compared to the ones trying to push past him as quick as possible. (How many times, when watching YouTube, do you hastily click on the Skip Ad button? Same thing!)

flash player icon

flash player icon

A few years ago, spurred by the power issues on mobile devices, Steve Jobs announced that Apple products would not support Flash at all… and so the first massive blow was given to this Piñata. The beating continued from other directions like Chrome and Safari, and last year, Adobe finally announced that it would finally pull the plug on Flash at the end of 2020.

The end of Flash may be coming, but that doesn’t mean the end of flashy websites. There are other ways to make your site look slick – whether it is just picking a great, straight-to-the-point design, or by using HTML5, which has replaced a good deal of flash functionality but without most of the cons (particularly the power issue). Your customers will definitely appreciate your site’s ease on their device batteries!