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Have you got your machine running updates automatically? If the answer is yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief and carry on with your day. If not, stop what you are doing, and get on to it straight away! Updates are way more than being about adding cool new functions and tools. Their primary purpose is to protect you against the ever-changing malware landscape and its constant onslaught of attacks. Brand new attacks are being developed daily, so software developers have to be equally proactive with patches to block them.

It is patching time at Microsoft, and the latest release contain advisories and updates to take care of 94 vulnerabilities for Windows and various other products, like Explorer, Edge, Visual Studio, Active Directory and Microsoft Dynamics. 26 of these updates are being rated as critical.

2 of these are to protect against 2 new ‘wormable’, critical, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) vulnerabilities and affect all versions of Windows, including 10 and Windows Server. If left unfixed, cybercriminals could use the vulnerabilities to remotely access an unprotected computer and install malware… so this one is a bit of a get-it-patched-now kind of job!

To follow suit, Adobe has also released a group of patch updates. Theirs will take care of 119 vulnerabilities, including patches in Creative Cloud, and the very popular Acrobat and Reader. The most critical of which should block up the chance of data leakage from an arbitrary code execution.

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Time to Upgrade To Windows 10? | Chilliwack IT Consultants


If you or your company are still running windows 7 on your desktop(s), now is the time to start planning an upgrade to Windows 10. The clock is ticking as Microsoft begins the one-year countdown to when they cease support for Windows 7.

Whilst mainstream support has already ended, the extended support will come to an end on January 14, 2020. That may sound like a long way away, but for many companies that are running multiple terminals with little to no down-time available, time to upgrade will need to be planned very well… and very soon.

You may be thinking “why do I need to upgrade at all? My computer is working ok”. Well, here are the top reasons to upgrade…

Computer screen with the word security on it.

Computer screen with the word security on it.

1. Better security. No system is 100% secure but upgrading to the latest version means far more defense against the nasties of the internet, in its varied forms, whether it is online browsing or just accessing your terminal and files. Plus, you get more regular (and better streamlined) updates as improvements or new threats pop up.

2. Speed! They say time is money, so why do you want to waste time on slow boot-ups and browsing? Windows 10 starts faster, works faster and is more efficient.

3. Compatibility. As new hardware and software is developed and released, it will only work with the latest versions of Windows. Staying with an old version will just limit your ability to keep up with any such advancements.


4. New features and better functionality. Not only is Windows 10 more user-friendly (and takes consumer feedback into account for future upgrades), but it also comes with better and more powerful media and productivity apps, and more flexibility on how and when you can use them.

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