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6 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts That You May Not Know Yet | Lower Mainland Tech Support Team

Ahh… keyboard shortcuts are beautiful things! I think most of us probably already know about the magic copy and paste shortcuts, but there is a whole world of shortcuts out there that you may still not know yet! Being the friendly, local neighbourhood tech-help gurus that we are, we thought we would give you a few more, to help speed up your workflow…

windows m.png

Back to the Desktop

Got a bunch of windows/apps open and want to get back to the desktop underneath them all? Just press the windows key and M!

ctrl alt tab.png

See All Open Apps

Just pressing Ctrl + Alt + Tab (or Ctrl + Tab on a Mac) and you will get a screen shot of all the app windows you currently have running.

windows tab.png

See Everything Open!

The windows key + Tab will give you an overview of all the open apps AND virtual desktops you have running.

ctrl shift esc.png

Task Manager

Stuck with a crashed program and need to shut it down in the Task Manager? Just hit Ctrl + Shift + Escape (Command + Option + Escape on Mac)

windows + or -.png

Zoom In!

Need a close-up of something on your screen? You can magnify the area that the cursor is in with Windows and + keys, and then zoom back out with the Windows and – keys. (Alt Command & + or – on Mac)

windows L.png

Take a Break

Need to step away from your desk, but don’t want anyone touching or seeing what you are working on? You can lock your desktop with Windows + L.

Of course, there are many more… but that should help to start you off!