New Apple Tech Could Turn You Into the Next Tony Stark! | Chilliwack Tech Experts

If you are a fan of the Marvel cinematic universe, like I am (and not afraid to admit it!), then you may be familiar with the cool way in which Tony Stark does his designing and web surfing. You know what I mean… he extravagantly waves his hands in the air, and a bunch of holographic images magically appear in front of him, which he swipes away or manipulates to design his next suit, or something equally as cool!


Well, that may still only be a CGI fantasy for now, but we may be getting a step closer! According to The Verge, Apple have, rather interestingly, filed a patent for a stylus that can write in the air. There is no way of telling how far Apple are from a working prototype, let alone if it will reach the market at all… but we can still live in hope that the next wow-tech of our sci-fi dreams is on its way soon.

In the meantime, I guess you can still don a VR helmet, and pretend to manipulate the world around you instead. (Wild Frog Systems staff recommendation – check out VRKade in Abbotsford, to do just that!)