Re-Brand Launch Special Offers!


You may or may not know…We re-branded our company to WILD Frog Systems from Serenity Solutions over the past few months! As your go-to outsourced tech department, we are celebrating this re-brand launch with a WILD promotion!

The Wild Launch Promotionavailable until May 30, 2019 - three outsourced Tech Department Packages to select from…


Business Technology Assessment -

Take the Leap with Wild Frog Systems!

This is a good fit for you if you are interested in working with us for the first time; experience our approach to truly decide if we are your go-to outsource tech department.

  • In-depth on-site evaluation of your systems and software

  • Consultation to highlight concerns requiring attention to minimize or resolve technical challenges and upgrade options to increase productivity

  • Summary Action Plan of recommendations to up-level your I.T. requirements for increased efficiencies productivity, reduced costs, minimal disruptions


Friction-Free Unlimited Monthly Technology Support & Service

This is a good fit if you are fed up with the I.T. roller-coaster, associated expenses and need tailored solution for maximum productivity.

  • Employees - are not worried about causing large overages or bills and can ask for help when they need it.

  • Management - don’t experience roller-coaster billing – its always the same, planned amount making it easy to budget

  • Wild Frog Systems - can ‘get on with the job’ without needing to clear work requests, allowing us to reduce service time

  • The Organization - can take advantage of industry best practices, tailored to provide efficiency and reliability

  • Your Systems – are supported with monitored software allowing us to be proactive and detect issues

  • Minimum 6 months commitment / Promotion Bonus = Commit to 12 months, receive 13 month free


On-Site Workstation and Server Backup and Protection System  

This provides protection for servers and data, ensuring recovery in the event of a catastrophic failure.

  • Scalable backup storage

  • Unlimited Off-site storage protects against business loss

  • Virtual Recovery allows servers to be restored in the cloud

  • Reduce your recovery time from Days to Minutes

  • Protect against crypto-locker viruses, accidental deletion and system failures

  • Minimum 12 months commitment


Schedule a 30-minute telephone conversation for an initial assessment of your true needs!

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